audio post production 

Editing and Dialogue

When we started almost 8 years ago the first project was a huge american cinema movie. We provided dialogue editing with iZotope Rx6 and Pro Tools. Since then we worked on podcasts, voice over, film-dialogue and several spoken-word projects each day. Early 2020 we started working with the leading software for audio forensic and film-audio Cedar Audio DNS and got interviewed by them.

Editing Dialogue can be pretty tedious but is super important for the clarity and quality of the produced audio. In some cases there are over 1000 edits in a 1 hour interview podcast format!


Mixing up to Surround Sound

Re-recording mixing and mixing for sound to picture is our main focus in the studio. With dozen of re-recorded film projects we have a lot of experience that translates well to other projects such as audiobooks and podcasts. Leveling sound effects, music and dialogue is one of the most important steps in audio. Thats why we are constantly trying to improve our skills in that complex field. You can find some of those projects with sound samples on our site!

In addition we're currently entering the fairly new binaural and 3D-Audio spacial mixing techniques that are getting more and more popular.

videos & films we edited