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recording & Voice OVer


With producing several thousand podcast episodes in the last few years redbox studios is thriving to become the lead podcast production studio in germany. Talk, storytelling or interviews: we got you covered with amazing gear and Know-How when it comes to recording and editing all under one roof.


Narrating is a skill we should leave to professionals. Thats why we got over 5000 talents in our portfolio that cooperate with us on projects for ferrari, sony and different financial institutes as well as travel companies.

ADR & Dubbing

Working in the film industry for several years now we produced, edited and mixed a ton of award winning films for cinema and streaming. With our sound treated studio recording ADR & dubbing for films and big game companies is stress-free and sound approved by Disney, Audible, Sony and much more.

Foley & SFX

Award winning and innovative. Redbox Studios is no joke when it comes to foley and sound design. With the highest quality gear and years of experience we can create mind-blowing sound design/foley.

Redbox Studios talents

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